Not so many pictures in here - the jaundice made me sad and I didn't want to document it as much.  Was too busy holding him and nursing him as much as he'd take to try to flush the bilirubin out of his system as quickly as possible, between sleeping and packing and changing diapers.  More pictures have been taken since the move.

Liam with a huge Monchhichi - our nickname for him (Ebay ROCKS!)


My absolute favorite picture ever taken of me, I love the look on my face as I look at my little Sweet Potato!


Liam's 1 month checkup, Daddy watches protectively (awww).


Very impressed with his neck strength - he held his head up for quite a while there!  Also, he'd put on more than 2lbs since birth (he was born 8lbs 5oz, weighed 10lbs 8oz at one month).


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