Liam, the first 24 hours (there are tons more pictures on our hard disk, these are just the ones that I felt like sharing right now ;) )

He started nursing immediately after birth - I don't remember when someone stuck that hat on him, but his fingers are still a little blue-ish purple here because he didn't cry long enough to "pink up" completely (he didn't cry long enough because he found food THAT fast!)


On the exam table, looking at Sabrina who's wrist was originally in this picture... thought it made a better composition without her wrist and watch in it ;)


Liam handed back to me after he'd been examined, we're still in the recovery room.  He's wrapped in the blanket I made for him and all our future children as their first blanket, the color matches my wedding dress.  Red is lucky in Chinese cultures, fertility thing I guess... there sure was enough red on the floor according to witnesses (I didn't look down!).


In the recovery room (that's my lunch tray in the upper-right corner), getting acquainted.  I think this was when I stripped him nekked right after Garvin brought him back from his first bath.  Boy, talk about fuzzy babies! Hairy ears, back and shoulders! (the hair is still there as of 7/18/04... when is it time for baby's first back wax?  This stuff is SUPPOSED to fall off, right??)


Sleeping little baby burrito in the hospital bassinette - he didn't like sleeping in that thing, we wound up having to trick him with the warmed gel packs behind him or I wouldn't have gotten any sleep that night!


About 24 hours old, had to kiss those baby feet!  Note the continued existence of the cone-head (still rounding out at almost 8 weeks... mostly rounded out now)


Liam in the layette I crocheted for him, the hat's a little big but the rest fit pretty well.  Not bad considering the booties were the only component I had a real pattern for!  The hat was based off another pattern, but the shirt and pants were completely free-handed and "guestimating".

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