Not exactly sure when some of these pictures were taken, they're in roughly chronological order.  The camera battery died and the date/time didn't get input properly.  Oops!


Liam and Daddy chillin' in bed, about 3 days old.


Liam catching some rays to try to get rid of the jaundice, 3 days old.


In the Reston Hospital ER on May 30, 2004.  My cousin Kris brought him the teddy (and quite a bit of chocolate for me - which was GREATLY appreciated)


Liam signing "I Love You" in ASL, 4 days old in the morning.


Sucking on Daddy's finger wearing the "Son of Tick" mask for the light therapy box (to protect his eyes... really, it's Baby's First Tanning Booth).


Liam in the light therapy box... stupid thing is soundproof. Very annoying, little sleep for Mommy and Daddy since we couldn't hear if he was crying at ALL, so we slept in shifts so he wouldn't be neglected.


Close-up of Liam in the isolation chamber.


No, the jaundice wasn't because he was dehydrated.  Results of my first pumping experience, about 30 minutes after feeding him.. That's 1.5oz off the breast that fed him and almost 3 oz off the other one... produced another 2oz each an hour later.  He really DOES eat enough for triplets!

Close-up on "Ooh Face," which we decided means "I Love You"

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